Monday, 13 June 2016


Eleven years ago, I was admitted into the university to study B.SC(ED) Biology. It wasn’t the choice of my course but I went ahead with it grudgingly. I was angry with God for not granting my request of wanting to study medicine. It has been eleven years past and now I am a graduate.
I look back and I see that some of my secondary school mates have sat for JAMB over the past eleven years I spent in the university and have still not gotten admission into the university. Now I know how faithful God has been to me and I cannot help but thank Him and ask for forgiveness over the times I have been ungrateful.
Then I realized that of a truth, ingratitude is an unnecessary evil. Not only that, during my teaching practice years I realize that God’s will for me is to be a teacher and to empower young people to be useful. Then I understood why the Bible said, “His Plans for me are not of Evil but Plans of Good”… The same reason why God said “All things Work Together for Good to those who Love God and are the Called According to His Purpose”. Wait on God; have Faith in His Word and His purpose for your life will surely happen
We are in the second quarter of 2016 and you might be tempted to get depressed or become angry with God for what you think He failed to do in your life this year. But if God will open your eyes to how much evil He stopped from coming your way this year, then you would thank Him and ask Him not to do more. If He showed you how much some people suffered from pain, shame, poverty, hunger and sickness this year, you would gladly lift up your hands and say Praise the Lord.
My dear friends, there will always be hope for the living. The fact that you are healthy today is because God kept you. Even if you are sick, the fact that you are alive means God is not through with you yet. He will bring His word to happen in your life come 2016. Be hopeful and do not despair for no matter how long darkness tarries, light will surely displace it within a split second.
Do not be a part of the Evil of Ingratitude. Lift up your voice now and thank Him for this year. Thank Him for the things you think He did not do in your life this year. Thank Him because according to His will for you, He will bring those things to happen in 2010. Give the devil no place in your heart. Refuse to be angry and depressed. God will always remain a faithful God and He will come through for you next year. Keep praising God and you will have what you believe God for. I am sure of that because Faith is the substance, title deed that we have to receive from God. God cannot fail, so keep holding on with Joy in your heart and songs of praise in your lips. You are an OVERCOMER.   

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  1. Nice piece Ma. Good editing except for the 2nd quarter instead of 3rd quarter mistake


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