Monday, 27 June 2016


Learn From Your Mistakes
Two of the most difficult aspects of making mistakes are the unwillingness to accept responsibility and lack of courage to learn from such mistakes. Many people will continue to make the same mistakes all over again because of refusal on their part to learn from it. Most people who make mistakes live in denial of such mistakes or are too proud to accept responsibility. Instead, they choose to blame other people for their mistakes. However, refusal on your part to acknowledge your mistakes and take responsibility from them might lead to destruction.

One of the proofs that you acknowledge that you have made a mistake, is willingness on your part to change. Willingness on your part to make amends-to change the actions or habit that led to such mistakes. Your willingness to become a better employee or employer, a better spouse, a better leader, a better parent, a better child, or a better friend is proof that you accept responsibility for the mistakes you have made. It also shows that you acknowledge the fact that there is always room for improvement.
In addition, even society does not give us the allowance to make mistakes; we often make them at some point in our lives. We can experience the positive Power that Lies in Making Mistakes if we apply the courage to learn from them. The difference between being better or worse for the mistakes we make is the courage to learn from them. Your ability to learn from your mistakes will produce growth. It is not enough to accept responsibility for your mistakes; you must be humble enough to learn from them.
Points To Note:
1.      Making mistakes is not entirely bad or wrong. However, failure to learn from it can be catastrophic.
2.      The easiest way to learn from a mistake is to sit down, re-examine yourself and the situation so that you can find out what went wrong, what you did wrong, and how best you can avoid such mistakes in future.
3.      Avoid making the same mistakes repeatedly, as this shows you have not learnt from it.
4.      Take a closer look at mistakes and you will discover that it can learn better ways of doing things.
5.      Making some deliberate adjustments or changes in the area of your habits, character, and decisions is proof that you have accepted responsibility for your actions and is willing to learn from them.
6.      When you make a mistake, forget the negatives, take the positives, and get better.
7.      You can learn from the mistakes of other people so that you do not make the same mistakes. Some mistakes are avoidable. For example, if your mother or father had a child out of wedlock, you do not have to make such mistakes.
8.      You can learn more from your mistakes than from your successes. Great inventors keep on improving their inventions and discoveries using their mistakes.
9.      Learning from your mistakes proves that you are wise.                For questions or inquiry contact me through email or through text or use the comment box

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