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Mistakes are wrong undertakings or undertakings that are right but wrongly executed.  
 You must understand that as long as we live, we may be prone to certain mistakes. Mistakes may be unavoidable at times, as they are a result of in-deliberate actions. They just happen sometimes due to incorrect judgement, miscalculations, or because of our own carelessness. Some people have lost their belongings to fraudsters due to carelessness and failure on their part to carry on investigations on such persons. You may be making many mistakes in that area of your life because of lack of
sufficient knowledge, assumptions, incorrect judgement, or miscalculations.
One of the reasons people stop trying to succeed in their various endeavours is because they made one mistake or the other. I know this because I have been there. So many years ago, I started publishing a magazine that was making a difference in the lives of people, and then something happened. I published an edition of the magazine and it was not well received by the public as the previous editions because some titles on the cover page seemed offensive. That was an opportunity I had to learn, make adjustments and continue, but I just stopped publishing that particular magazine. And that action cost me more than you can imagine.
Some of the mistakes people make daily are that of choosing a course of study, choice of career, choice of a marriage partner, choice of business and business partner, choice of purity. Some people went into a relationship or marriage even after seeing the warning signs. Some other people went into the wrong relationship or marriage but took actions that threaten the existence of that relationship. What ever your experience has been, you should learn from it and stir your situation in a better direction. You can take courage to end that relationship or to take all necessary actions to make it work. Jimmy and Karen of Marriage Today tells us that his marriage was at the verge of collapse before change came. Today they both use the mistakes of their past to transform many marriages through their books, television and radio program tagged Marriage Today.
Only few months ago, I heard about the story of a woman who had to drop out of high school because she became pregnant. Life was difficult, she did not know how she would take care of herself and the baby. She took courage to confront the future. Many years of hardship would not deter her from earning a college degree. Just few months ago, she and her daughter graduated from college on the same day. Getting pregnant out of wedlock was a huge mistake. However, throwing away her dreams to acquire a college degree would be a greater mistake. If this is your story, take courage and move on. Pregnancy outside marriage is a great mistake, but it is not the end of the world. Take courage, learn from your mistake, and move on.
If you quit pursuing your dreams and passion because of the mistakes and limitations of the past, now is the time to have a rethink. Your mistake is really not your destiny, but an opportunity to learn and take relevant steps to make your future better and glorious. 
Do you know how many mistakes the Wright brothers made before eventually creating the first ever airplane? What about Michael Faraday and many other great men that ever lived? Albert Einstein triedand failed so much before he succeeded developing the general theory of relativity. That is why he said, He Who has nevermade a mistake has never tried anything.
The fact that you made a mistake once does not mean that you are doing the wrong thing. It sometimes means that you are doing the right thing the wrong way. Mistakes offer us the opportunity to grow and become better. The most important thing about making mistakes is that it reveals to you the right and wrong ways of doing things. Mistakes play a vital role in determining whether we succeed or not. Whether you made a mistake of over inflating the cost of that contract, the mistake of cheating on your spouse, the mistake of engaging in premarital sex and getting pregnant, the mistake of being a bad parent, a bad child, bad employee, or a bad employer, you can have a rethink, learn from it, and commit to becoming a better person. Your future is great, take courage, and move on.
Points to Note
࿽▪ Every human being may make mistakes. However, they all respond differently
࿽▪ Mistakes can make you better if you learn from them
࿽▪ Avoid repeating mistakes, learn from them
࿽▪ You do not have to quit after one mistake. Take courage and move on
࿽▪ You are not a failure just because you made mistakes
࿽▪ Great men are products of their mistakes                                

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