Tuesday, 14 June 2016


Responsibility is your ability to respond to the people you connect with daily as well as the situations that confront you. This response can be positive or negative. It can also be defined as response to your ability-whether or how you apply your gifts and talents for the betterment of humanity. People take on or are trust with different kinds of responsibilities. All human being upon the face of the earth are saddled with one form of responsibility or another. In this article, we shall deal with response to people and situations, which I call external responsibility.

The president of a country has the responsibility to ensure the growth of the economy, welfare, security, as well as protection of life and properties of her citizens. A medical takes upon him the responsibility of saving lives. Parents have the responsibility to train up their children the right way, while ensuring they take care of their basic needs. Children in return have the responsibility to obey their parents, exhibit good character, and work hard towards excelling in their studies.
Furthermore, a wife has the responsibility of taking good care of the home, the children, as well as meeting the basic needs of her husband, which among others is respect. The husband has the responsibility of loving his wife, caring for her, showing concern towards the things that affects her, protecting her from hurt and burn out, and catering for her basic needs. He also has the responsibility of being a father, a caregiver, and role model to his children
In addition, an employee has the responsibility to fulfil the terms of his appointment such as coming early to work and being productive. The employer in return has the responsibility of treating his employee in the right way while ensuring prompt payment of his or salary. A student who desires to graduate with excellent grade from school will give priority to attending lectures promptly, completing assignments, reading, as well as studying hard, rather than playing and partying around.
The world would be a much better place for people to live in if those with responsibilities response to situations and people in positive ways. There would be more peace, fulfilment, joy, productivity, laughter, unity, wealth, and joy. Ignoring these responsibilities goes a long way in jeopardising the welfare and lives of those we are responsible for. This goes to say that you should not take on certain responsibilities if you are not ready to undertake them. Do not commit to a job you will not execute. Avoid getting married if you are not ready to undertake the necessary responsibilities-be it fatherhood, motherhood, wifehood, or husbandhood. Do not take upon yourself or allow others to bestow on you leadership positions that you want no responsibility for. Remember, everyone is responsible for something or someone. Respond positively to situations and take responsibilities only within your ability.
In the next post, we will deal with the second part of responsibility, which is your response to your ability. I call this external response.


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