Friday, 17 June 2016


Welcome to the concluding part of ThePower of Responsibility. The fact that you took out time to read this piece tells me that you are ready to make all the necessary changes in your life for a brighter and better future. In the first part of this write-up, we defined Responsibility as ‘your ability to respond to the people you connect with daily as well as the situations that confront you’. We said this response is either positive or negative.
We also said that responsibility is your response to your ability-whether or how you apply your gifts and talents for the betterment of humanity. People take on or are trust with different kinds of responsibilities. All human being upon the face of the earth are saddled with one form of responsibility or another. In this concluding part, we shall deal with response to your abilities, potentials, gifts, and talents, which I call internal responsibility.
Let me start by saying that God created every human being with something within that would give man the opportunity to make a difference on earth. God ordered man to multiply, have dominion and subdue the earth. At this command, God gave Adam the garden to look after-God did not live him empty. So also, God created everyone with a gift, a talent, or a passion to make a difference on the earth. How you respond to these gifts, talents, abilities, and passion determines how responsible you become.
However, many people living today give one excuse or the other for not being able to make a difference. These excuses range from poverty to lack of time. Do you realise that God may have given you a voice because he wants you to use it through singing, public speaking, or acts of activism to encourage or make someone’s life better? It could also serve as your source of livelihood. God may have put that passion and compassion for children in your heart, for the reason that he wants you to become a doctor in order to save lives or start a foundation that would help less privilege and orphaned children.
Have you ever wondered what the black race may have become if people such as Martin Luther King Jnr. did not stand up against black segregation? Would twin babies be given the chance to live if Wilberforce did not stop the killing of twins? My guess is that you are reading this post from facebook or any other social media platform. Would that be if men like Mark Zukerburg did not rise up to the task of creating facebook? What about Helen Keller who though was born healthy, became blind and deaf as a result of an illness went on to author over twelve books. So where is your excuse?

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