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It has remained One of my favourite and greatest quotes That,
"A nation Does Not fail to thrive Because of The presence of corruption But The absence of Men and women of creativity and innovation" - Edward.
It has Also remained a Great Desire of mine That Men and women see life and living As beyond them Having food to eat, shelter, clothing, and Other basic personal needs. He Who lives thus, has classified himself As Those Jesus Christ refers to As 'fools' - Remember The 'rich fool'?

"We Have Been blessed with The gift of passage through life That we May leave LIFE in The lives of As many As We Are privileged to encounter in Our life-time, with respect to The treasures deposited in us" - Edward
True fulfilment, both for believers of Jesus Christ and unbelievers lie Not Only in their acceptance of The person of Christ, But by extention, living a life of purpose, a life of impact and transformation according to The cravings of their hearts.
The main purpose of The businesses, careers and engagements We find ourselves in, Is That We May by them, transform Our world As We deem fit.
This Is Why Most of us Desire promotions, more openings and more benefits in Our businesses, career and in Other engagements - That We May be able to Have more cash and resources to do this As The case May be.
The people I stand to Speak to by This Are Not Those Who desire riches and Still have The survival mentality (As The rich fool), But Those Who feel Some passion and call within them to Make a difference in The lives of Men, women and The world At large.
'You Must know However,  That You May Not Have answers to ALL The questions in The world But You surly Have answers to a hand full, especially Those ones That boarder You The Most.'
SO, with This purposeful mindset We carryout Our activities, businesses and career BUT Are faced with stagnation, low or No productivity Which in Most cases leave us frustrated or distorts Our focus and makes us almost Give up The dream of changing Our world.
ONE reason for This situation of low or No productivity/profitability even When We Have put in Our Best Is That MOST OF OUR SYSTEMS HAVE BEEN OVERSTRETCHED and Have become slack - No longer able to deliver for EveryOne.
A common example of This Is What We find in The recharge card business As Well As many others, even in carear; The business came in and Was profitable for Those Who engaged in It,  Some Other people saw How profitable It Was and so many people went into The Same business - adding and changing nothing. Today, They Have become so much That The business Is No longer As profitable As It use to be - The system Is OVERSTRETCHED and Can No longer deliver for everyone in it.
Staying On in This kind of situation Is What Robert K. calls 'The rat race' and Here,  You May Never be able to lay hold On the kind wealth and resources by Which You Can fully execute That call/desired change as you intend to.
The way out, The way forward Is Not necessarily quiting But becoming INNOVATIVE right in That venture, business or career As The case May be. By This,  You position yourself for MORE...
It Is However unfortunate That many Today,  Both organization's and individuals Are accessing innovative ideas by taking The path of COMPETITION rather than the path of CREATIVITY.
We May,  by towing The path of competition, Come up At times with Some innovative ideas That The path of creativity May Also deliver to us. BUT The Only path That Is sure to deliver an UNENDING FLOW of innovative ideas As suggested by Wallace D. Is The creativity consciousness.
While The competitive mentality asks,
"What Can We Do to outshine Every other person in The market?" with respect to their industry,
The creativity mindset asks,
"What Can We Do to improve The value people derive from Our products and services?"

- He Who gets ahead by competition Will be put down by competition - Wallace D.
- He Who gets ahead by The creativity mind set As a lifestyle Is like a shinning light shining brighter and brighter. This Is Because He Is Not Looking At outshining Some Other person or organization, But by The creativity mindset He Looks continuously by Thought, into The Creative substance That created ALL THINGS ,  seeking How to add more value to humanity. (Genesis 1:31, 2:1-2, John 1:1-3, Hebrews 11:3, Proverbs 18:1)
He created ALL Things At The beginning of time As We know It, and placed some things in The visible While many more in The invisible accessable by Those Who Take out time to, in seeking The advancement of humanity, commit to The Creators mind by Thought.
Tell Me,  How Can You Really claim to Have The Best interest of All At heart When You Are trying to put people down and outshine them by competition???
There Are unimaginable and uncountable innovative ideas in The INVISIBLE, tap into It and Stay connected therein by The increasing Desire to add value to Your world - making Your globe glow and You Will NEVER run short of ideas and opportunities.
Cheers to Your success!!!
CLergy & Public Speaker

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