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Accountability is the quality or willingness of an individual to be subject to the appraisal, criticism, or scrutiny of other people. It is the ability of a person to take responsibility for their actions or assignment delegated to them. To be accountable, means that you agree that sometimes you would have to explain the reasons behind your words or actions. This follows that an employee is accountable to his employer, a wife or husband to their spouse, a child to his parents, a friend to his friend, and all creation to the God of all.

To thrive in the area of our assignments, we must imbibe personal discipline (Being accountable to ones self). People will not always be there to monitor what you do or how you spend your time. Therefore, you must come to a stage in your life where you do the right things even when there are no friends or family members monitoring you.

Having an accountability-partner or belonging to an accountability-group early in life will help you develop personal accountability. Accountability is required in all facets of life; In politics, marriage and family, work place, business, religious circles, and in school.

Many people for example, will spend all day on facebook and other social media platforms, while their work or academics suffer. They will begin to record low performance at work or school except they apply some form of accountability to their lives. A business person who fails to engage some form of accountability in the area of his finance will go bankrupt overnight. A lot of people who have made mistakes in the area of money or falling prey to the lost of the flesh can overcome such mistakes in future by finding an accountability-partner, with whom they choose to truthfully report/submit to.

A marriage where the wife or husband thinks that they can do as they please without being answerable to the other, will sure end in disaster. A student who decides to party around instead of investing much time in his studies should not blame anyone for his failure. A political leader who chooses to rob his people of the resources meant to better their lives should be prepared to face the wrought of the law. A spiritual leader who ignores the warning to live a life of purity is set for a hard time. Just as religious and political leaders are required to account for their actions, so also should an employee to his employer, a wife, or husband to their spouse, a student to his teacher. Even employers who fail to pay the salaries of their employees' should account for their inability to pay.

One of the greatest challenges confronting Nigeria today is the inability and unwillingness of her elected leaders to account for their actions and inactions. For a very long time now, those representing the citizens at the Local, State, and Federal levels of government think that they can do what they want and walk away with it. This lack of accountability is the height of irresponsibility.

Unfortunately, many people, because of their ego, do not want to account for their actions. This is because some see being accountable as a sign of weakness. However, it takes a man or woman of character to decide to be accountable to himself or to someone else.

Benefits of Accountability

You will build resistance towards what initially seem like a weakness

People will trust you more

You will win more friends

You will avoid making the same mistake all over again

You will improve your performance at school or work

You will overcome your weaknesses

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