Monday, 15 August 2016


So many people find it difficult to be patient with others through the process of growth, forgetting that they once needed help and patience to grow or to become a better person. This is a wrong attitude towards people. The right attitude would be to make a choice to hell and be
patient with people who need to grow.

God has been talking to me about the need to give people the chance to grow to maturity. When we lay too much expectations on people especially new believers, we are setting them up for failure.

When people realize we expect much from them, they begin to live a false life and pretend that everything is okay with them. They stop growing because their attention now rest on your expectations of them, rather on the need to work. Give people a chance to Grow.

For example:

  • Parents must develop the right attitude towarda children by allowing them grow through mistakes. Parents must avoid the temptation to over rate or expect too much from their children too soon. They must not judge, embarrass, or despise their children when they make a mistake. Believe in them and guide them through the process of growth.
  • A husband or a wise must be patient with a spouse who genuinely wants to grow through learning. Patience and understanding is the right attitude towards helping people grow. Make the choice to not despise or belittle them because of their weaknesses or short comings. This will be the wrong attitude a d will hinder them from embracing growth.
  • If you are in a relationship, guide and help your spouse out grow certain habits. Develop the attitude of being patient through this phase of growth.
  • A teacher must be patient with a student who finds academic work tedious. He or she must develop the right attitude to patiently help them through such difficulties. Believe in them and allow them to grow.
  • An employer must give his or her employee to grow and learn on the job. This is the right and positive attitude.
  • A pastor must be patient with those who are new in the faith. The right attitude would be to guide and help them through the process of growth.

Give them a chance to Correct their Mistakes. Be humble enough to go as far as Teaching and helping them to grow. Be patient with them even as they work through growth. Believe in them.

Develop the right attitude and make the choice today to help them grow.
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