Tuesday, 9 August 2016


Financial Seed
In the last post, we took a look at the wrong attitude we develop towards money that makes us remain in poverty.
Today we would be looking at the Right Attitudes Towards Money that can generate wealth for us.

Right Attitude Towards Money

1. Money is a servants to you and not the other way round. Many people live under the control of money, which leads them towards engaging in destructive habits.

Much money intoxicaton. especially when people those who acquire wealth do not consciously take control over it- they find themselves under its influence. Don't let your life be controlled by money, rather control it.

3. Be content with what you have while striving for a more financially secure future.

4. Money is very important to fulfill your potential on earth. However, it is not everything. There are more important things than money. For example, a happy family is more precious than money. 
Therefore, do not neglect people or things which possess much better value in pursuit of money.

5. Wealthy people or organizations practice one of the most proven principles of wealth generation-savings, investment, and spending. It is a wise choice to not always spend all the money that enters your hand. Spend some, Save some, and Invest Some.
Resist the temptation to spend penny on artificial or unimportant needs.

6. It is a wise choice and a positive attitude to eliminate debt from your life, lly if the money is meant to buy a shoe, a bag, or a cloth. By all means, borrow only for investment purposes- for business endeavors. 
Even at that, you should have prior and clear knowledge of the business you want to embark on. Even if you are in debt, stop borrowing and work an extra job or cut your expenses in order to pay off your debt.

7. It is wise to always make a budget and work with it before ever spending your money. Develop the positive attitude of budgeting and watch your income increase.

8. If we make wise choices and develop positive attitudes towards money, we will plan for our financial future and spend less than we earn.

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Make wise choices and develop positive attitudes towards your finance today.
In the next post, I will conclude on financial seeds by discussing Types of Financial Seeds. So dont miss it. 
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  1. Hmm...
    'Money - very important but not all that life is about'- wonderful one...
    More grace ma

  2. Hmm...
    'Money - very important but not all that life is about'- wonderful one...
    More grace ma


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