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Kinds of seed (Money)

In the last post, we talked about The Power of the seed and we said that "we reap whatever we sow", regardless of who we are. The seed is no respecter of persons. We also said, the seed has the capacity to reproduce and multiply, and the seed will always produce or reproduce after it's kind. Simply put, the law of sowing and reaping echoes that of cause and effect.

In this post, we will be looking at the different kinds of seed that human beings can sow consciously or unconsciously.Everything in life starts as a seed-a business, a relationship, a marriage, a business, a church.
Nothing materializes until a seed is planted.It is important that we sow or plant seeds in life. Even more important is the need to sow the right kinds of seed. To succeed or live a fulfilled life, you must cultivate the attitude towards sowing seed. You must also make the right choice as to the kinds of seed you should sow.

Some of these seeds are seed of time, seed of conflict, seed of peace, seed of money, seed of hard work, seed of love,seed of obedience, seed of ideas, seeds of kindness, seed of humility, seed of pride, seed of prayers, seed of character, seed of knowledge, seed of righteousness, and many more seeds of life. Inside a seed, there are one or multiple fruits. The seeds we reap are in direct proportion to what we sow.

So below we will discuss the kinds of seed one after another, as well as their benefits and consequences.

1. Financial Seed
Money is one of the most talked about topics in the world, especially in Africa where poverty is at an alarming rate. Money is so important in life that King Solomon said "money answers all things". Many people dream on becoming wealthy, regardless of their poor state.
However, very few of them would take the required steps to financial freedom. People do not experience financial freedom by merely wishing or dreaming about it, but by developing the right attitude towards money and making the right choices. There has to be a mentality shift.
Before we go on, I would like to list some of our wrong attitudes towards money and finance.

         Wrong Attitudes towards Money
a) The attitude of borrowing to meet needs that are not important or necessary.Some of these unimportant needs we buy are clothes, a shoe, a bag, or borrowing to go lunch with a friend.

b) The attitude and choice to live above our means or to spend above what we earn in order to impress our friends or relatives. For example, living in an apartment more expensive than we can afford.

c) Failure to recognize that men are in sizes and life is in phases. Many people lack the wisdom to appreciate the stage they find themselves in life. Rather than engage the positive attitude it             takes to overcome poverty, they would rather borrow for the now, thereby living a false life.
The wisest choice would be one that involves working hard to earn what it takes to live a certain way.

d) One of the reason for poverty in Africa besides corruption is the fact that, most of her citizen possess a consumer mentality. An attitude that fails to deny gratification. The common man spend all they have, without thinking about saving or investing towards securing the future.

e) The mentality that money is everything or that your happiness depends solely on it is a destructive attitude. Ask wealthy people and they will tell you that life can sometimes feel empty and lonely in the midst of all the money. Truth is, more money will not make you a happier person than you have disciplined yourself to be.

f) The mentality that you will have more if only you do not give to anyone but, what is the joy of life without loving and sharing?

g) Buying what you do not need just to impress people who do not matter or care about you is one attitude that keep the poor in perpetual poverty.

These are few of the attitudes of men towards money that keeps them in poverty. If you are guilty of any, make the choice today to change. In the next post, I will talk extensively on positive attitudes and choices towards money that will ensure your financial freedom. If you missed the last post, read The Power of the seed.
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