Sunday, 21 August 2016


In the last post, we talked about savings, as a type of financial seed. Emphasy was layed on the importance of a savings, one of which was emergencies.

Today, I would discuss one other type of financial seed, Investments.
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Investment is a higher form of saving towards a secure future. It is putting money in a business or venture with the hope of making a return or profit. Savings will not made you wealthy but investment will.

You can invest in bonds, shares, stocks, or real estate properties(buying land to resale at a profit, constructing buildings to rent out as shops or accommodation). You can invest in setting up your own business or company.

  • Taking calculated risk.
  • Doing a research of the kind of business you would like to put your money into.
  • You must be patient, because it is for future benefits. It has a time frame.
  • Decide on the amount of money can invest at that time.
  • Diversify your investments
  • Don't invest all, save some money for emergency situations that might arise.
  • Buy low, sell at a profit
  • Avoid fraud by verifying and certifying the kind of investment you are interested in.
  • Commit Your investments into the hands of God.
  • Tithe your profit so that God's hand would be upon your business and the devourer will not destroy it.
In the next post, we shall discuss Tithing and Giving to the Poor as a Type of Financial Seed.

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