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The secret of successful people lies in developing the right attitudes towards life. It is not always easy to place restrictions on the things we do or say. However,
we will find more fulfillment in live if we consciously set boundaries to control our thoughts and conducts. One major reason for the pain and regrets in our world today is the failure on the part of many people to lead a life controlled by some rules or principles.

No matter who you are or what you intend to do, you should not exceed the boundaries of the rule of law. Li Keqiang
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No matter who you are or what you intend to do, you should not exceed the boundaries of the rule of law. Li Keqiang
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We all need to set boundaries because it helps us take better control of Our lives. Two of the most important areas in which everyone Who intends to find fulfillment in life Must pay attention to in setting boundaries are, 'Finance and 'Relationships'.

So what are boundaries? Boundaries are guidelines, limits, or rules that a person creates for themselves or others in order to attain a reasonable or permissible behaviour. Boundaries are built on values, opinions, beliefs, attitudes, social learning, and experiences.

 Importance of Boundaries

  1. It will help tame your weaknesses.
  2. It will help you control your life.
  3. It will teach you when to say yes or no.
  4. It will protect you from the tendencies people have to abuse you or your time.
  5. It will help you pay attention to the right priorities.
  6. It will help you live within your means, thereby avoiding debt.
  7. It will help you deal with character issues.
Knowing your weaknesses and not doing anything about it, is one of the greatest mistakes you will ever make. Boundaries do not mean you are out of control, it only means that you are wise enough to know that certain things could be your undoing if you Are careless about them.

Action Plan
  1. If you have a bad habit when it comes to handling money and do not trust yourself enough to handle money without spending it, then you will be wise to turn your back on a job that demands you to be the keeper of money. You will be doing yourself a disservice if you accepted the post of a treasurer. This is called, 'setting boundaries'. Put a lid on any habit that tries to control you until you have worked on and overcome that habit.
  2. Many struggle with lust and the temptation of sexual sin. However, some have special issues dealing with the opposite sex. One of the ways to control your life is by setting boundaries. Avoid spending time alone with the opposite sex in a closed room or office. You could also postpone entering into a relationship until you have overcome this weakness.
If you decide to spend time with the opposite sex, let it be in the company of friends or family or you could spend time in open space, under the eyes of the world. I have read the story of a man who said that he would not spend more than 15 minutes counseling a woman in his office, because he was dealing with lust in his own life.

Another man said that he would not allow any other woman besides his wife in the front sit of his car because he always faced sexual temptation when he sees the legs of a woman.

  1. We are often times tempted to buy things that we do not need. One woman said that she was crazy about shoes and bags and could spend all her earnings buying things she did not need. So to help her overcome this habit, her husband was permanently in possession of her Card (of course she trusted him).
Alternatively, your husband or friend could accompany you when you go shopping, so that they can help control Your spending. You could also make an honest lists of the things you need before stepping out, not your wants.
One other way you can control an over-spending habit, is by ensuring that you do not take your card along with you while going to the mall. Instead, take only the amount of money you already decided to spend.
  1. Put off your phone at night and do not put it on until you have spent time in prayer and the word. The world is full of many distractions. You do not want to stop praying or studying just because your phone rang.
  2. When you get into a relationship, clearly spell out your set boundaries to your spouse especially on the issue of sexual purity.
  3. Children learn obedience and discipline through set boundaries.
  4. Set boundaries as regards to the way you spend your time. It is a great mistake and a waste of time to sit before the television all day.
To take control of your life, set healthy boundaries.


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