Saturday, 1 October 2016


Where Do We Go From Here?
God is the only hope for Nigeria. He will bring about a change in Nigeria through a mind-shift and the empowerment of God-fearing and corrupt free leaders. This means that the youths of this generation must brace up for the task ahead.

How Will Transformation Come?
God intends to carry out a positive transformation in Nigeria. However, He requires certain people and institutions to rise up and undertake the assignment that will bring about great change.
  1. The Church
In time past, the church has failed in taking its place in the transformation agenda of God for Nigeria. Nevertheless, God is giving her a second chance to make amends. It is time for her to rise up and lead the change that will bring about a new Nigeria. No amount of talk can bring this transformation in Nigeria-only the mighty power of God. The Church can contribute to the transformation of Nigeria through the following avenues
a.   Prayers: if the people of God pray passionately, We Can surly Have a new Nigeria. Let us pray for the right leaders. Let us pray that our leaders will have the fear of God. Let us pray that our leaders will make the right choices and decisions that brings transform. Let us pray that our potential and natural resources will be maximized and that, the common person will be a beneficiary of the wealth of this great nation. Remember, evil will sure prevail if good or righteous men do nothing. (2 Chronicles 7:14)
b.   Ask for Forgiveness
God’s people become powerless whenever they begin to indulge in sin. Let us turn from our unholy ways and seek His face. It is an abomination before the Lord for believers in places of leadership and authority to take and give bribes just as unbelievers do. Let us pray for forgiveness for ourselves. Let us also pray for forgiveness for our present and past leaders. It is time for repentance. (2 Chronicles 7:14)
c.   Mental-Shift
The average Nigeria has a corrupt mindset and thee wrong mentality on what it means to be a leader. However, effective leadership or positive transformation is impossible when people with the wrong mind set are elected into public office.
The church has a role to develop the right mentality in the youth. If we teach children as early as four (4) years of age that corruption is evil, then there is hope for a great Nigeria. Nevertheless, if we shy away from our responsibility to prepare them for leadership, then we have no right to complain about the state of the nation. Another truth is that, if we do not act, then the world will expose our youths to wrong thoughts and ideas.
There has to be a mental shift. That is the only way that we can defeat this menace called corruption and build a positive Nigeria of our dream.

  1. The Family
There is a popular saying that “you cannot bend an old tree”. This is definitely true. The solution to Nigeria’s problem is not in trying to change our leaders because, honestly they may be too old to make that change except they willingly want to create change in their lives.
The family is the most important unit of society. Most of the people that we see in places of leadership only exhibit the values that were instilled in them directly or indirectly by their parents or family.
If we want to see positive transformation in Nigeria, we parents must rise up to the task of instilling positive values in our children. We must let them know that corruption is evil and that honesty is the best choice for living.
If we do not do this, we will continue to see dysfunctional youths, with the same behaviour and mentality as our present leaders-the mentality that corruption is acceptable. Build the right mentality and values in your child and watch them become agents of positive transformation in this great country, Nigeria.

  1. Educational System
Our educational system is one place you find so much corruption today. Both lecturers and students display a high level of corruption and distorted values. I sincerely believe that our educational system has a major role to play in developing value oriented leaders. Let the authorities consciously inculcate the corrupt free mentality into our school curriculum, starting from 1st grade.
If we fail to do this, we will continue to replicate the same kind of leaders over  and again.

  1. Activists, Actors, and Artists
Activists, Actors, and Artists have a role to play in bringing and end to corruption as well as creating positive change. As citizens of Nigeria, they have the responsibility of sending out messages that will bring about transformation by making use of their individual talents.

We all can make the choice to take responsibility and make Nigeria a great country. Nigeria will become great! God will help us!         

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