Saturday, 1 October 2016


Our great country, Nigeria is 56 today and like many other citizens, so much doubt fills my heart as to whether Nigeria will ever truly become the great nation God destined her to be. I strongly believe that great men like Pa Anthony Enahoro and Chief Obafemi Awolowo, who fought
for our independence from our colonial masters never envisaged that Nigeria would be in such terrible state after 56 years of independence. The one question that woke me up this morning Was this,  “How did we get here as a nation”? As I pondered on this question, it dawned on me that a great country such as Nigeria could only find herself in this state because she has had very few responsible and selfless leaders.

It is troubling that a country with so much potential for greatness and plenty of natural resources including oil would hold the reality that most families and individuals find it hard to afford just one square me. However, citizens of countries with less potential for greatness and scarce natural resources, live better lives. How did we get here? It does seem like the labour of our heroes past have so far been in vain. When will Nigeria begin to live up to its name, potential, and natural resources?

Unfortunately, those question seem years away from been answered as many occupying sensitive positions in this great nation are selfish and have refused to take upon themselves true responsibility that is required for effective leadership. They fail to understand that leadership is a call to service- a call to serve and better the lives of the people they swore to protect. They can afford more than three rich meals, sleep in big mansions, and drive very expensive cars.

No doubt, corruption remains at the heart of all the pain, poverty, and hardship most citizens of this great nation experience daily that is so deep beyond what we know or see. What we know or hear is just the tips of the iceberg. The future of Nigeria looks very bleak as virtually all sectors of the economy have been crippled by this bane of corruption. Most disheartening of all these is that, the youths in who’s hands Nigeria’s destiny lies are following the footsteps of present corrupt leaders. Hence, the question, “Where do we go from here”?

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