Wednesday, 11 January 2017


Rewind back to the day when Adam and Eve messed up and blew up the priviledge of having express access to God, then you will understand that God took a chance on man. After everything God gave Adam, he still was not satisfied. God gave him everything,
including a help suitable for him. So you can imagine the disappointment on the face of God when he found out that Adam chose to trust the serpent and his dear wife, Eve, than his very own creator.

God was very angry. He must have felt betrayed. Man began to experience suffering and hardship. However, His anger did not last forever. He continued searching for a man that would redeem us back to fellowship with Him, and thank God He Found Jesus Christ. If Jesus Christ was given the chance, he would not have died for us but he allowed the will of the father to prevail.

Not withstanding this huge sacrifice which involved the shedding of the blood of Jesus Christ on the cross of calvary, man still continue to fail God. We mess up everytime, and sometimes so often that God must be wondering if sending His only begotten son to die for us was worth it.

We mess up to the point that we begin to doubt the love of and forgiveness. The goodnews however is that, the  love God has for us is uncontestable. He said that "HE HAS LOVED US WITH AN EVERLASTING LOVE". God took a chance on you when he allowed you to be born into this world. He took a chance on you when you messed up in the past. God will still take a chance on you no matter how messed up a person you consider yourself.

All you need to do is to run back to God, ask for His forgiveness, allow Him change you from within, and accept His love for. God loved you and He still loves you. Thats why He will use all the mess in your life to produce a MESSAGE that will change othee lives.

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