Tuesday, 11 April 2017


The number one cause of corruption is distorted family values. Corruption is perpetuated by people, and there is nobody who is not from a family. We all know that the family is the basic unit of society.
A number of families form a community, a group of communities form
a state, and many states put together make up a nation. At the heart of all these is the family.


There are set principles and values upon which every nation is built, and these values are firsr instilled by the family. Bcause the family is the basic unit of society, when things go wrong in the family, things go wrong in the society and when things go right in the family, it automatically reflects on the society.

What do you expect from a boy who grew up watching his father exhibit greed, selfishness, fraud, and dishonesty? Every one in a position of authority today have their bearing in a family.

Our family values have been so distorted such that, a father would abandon his wife and kids and shamelessly chase after girls that are his daughter's age mates. A man will shameless still public funds, while his children watch his actions.

Distorted family Values
1. Laziness
2. Greed
3. Selfishness
4. Godlessness
5. Dishonesty
6. Infidelity
7. Fraud

 Right Family Values
1. Contentment
2. Hardwork
3. Godliness
4. Faithfulness
5. Loyalty
6. Selflessness and Service
7. Love
8. Respect
9. Compassion
10. Trustworthiness
11. Patience
12. Responsibility
13. Accountability
14. Sexual Purity
15. Integrity

 Benefits of family values
1. The right family values teaches one to choose rightly and develop the right character
2. It influences decisions
3. It shows kids the right path to follow and how to act
4. It protects kids from the negative influence  of the media
5. It helps the family and society withstand crisis
6. It gives family meaning
7. It guides people in the choics of a marriage partner and their actions in marriage.
8. It brings out the greatness in you

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