Wednesday, 23 August 2017


Many people have faced some difficulties and challenges in life, which make them think less of themselves. They consider themselves useless or worthless because of the
mistakes they made in the past. They believe that God has changed His mind about them and their destinies aborted.
In case you are reading this article and you consider yourself so worthless because of your mistakes, background, colour, race, status, stature, or qualification; I have goodnews for you. I want you to know that God has not changed His mind about you. His plans and purpose for your life remain intact.
"God uses the foolish things to confirm the wise". That is why He will give the world a message out of your mess. He is the clay and you are the clay. He can mold you into whatever He wants. Like Moses, God will make you a deliverer and a voice. David was the least of His brethren and God would break a protocols and anoint him King.
Have you ever wondered how God would have the name of a prostitute recorded in the bible? How could anyone imagine that Ruth would become the grand mother of Jesus? How is it possible that Joseph would become a prime minister in a strange and godless land? How could a wicked and murderous man like Saul turn out to become the greatest Apostle and an accomplished writer?
This is not the end for you. God is about to by pass all your short comings and bring His purpose for your life to come to pass in Jesus name. Would you trust God with your pain, shame, and mistakes?

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