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Last week, we started a series titled “Singles just won’t wait” and we will attempt to conclude today. Here are more reasons why singles just will not wait.

5. Pornography
Many people who end up as sex addicts started out by engaging in pornographic materials. Pornography is an appeal to the inherent lust of the flesh in man,
with the aim of enslaving him to lust, premarital sex, fornication, adultery, and uncleanness.


Being addicted to pornography is one of the greatest forms of self-enslavement any one can imagine. Think of how frustrating and destructive it could be for one’s life to be controlled by feelings.
Using the internet to view pornographic pictures is a major problem facing teenagers and single adults.

Visiting pornographic websites is a wrong reason and way to use the internet. One truth people have to know about pornography is that it is not a substitution for abstaining from pre-marital sex.

In fact, pornography increases your sex urge and finally leads you into the act of sex. Some people actually enjoy watching pornographic materials.

Three major factors determine the quality of one’s life and the choices they make:
a. What they hear, (radio and music)
b. What they see, (television, school, magazines, internet, billboards, and movies)
c. What they read (magazines, books, journals).

People who spend time to listen, see, and read sex materials, have no choice but to think that there is nothing wrong with illicit sex. Addiction to pornography makes it almost impossible for people to resist sexual temptations.

It will surprise you to know that the journey of most people who cheated on their spouse, started with the love for pornography. That is how powerful the spirit of pornography is. It has the power to destroy your most valuable relationship.

One important question to ask you is “will I be proud of myself if the world or my spouse discovered that I was a pornography addict?” If you are addicted to or engage in pornography, it is in your best interest to make a turnaround now before the very act that gives you pleasure destroys you.

No matter how deep you have gone in this addiction, Jesus can set you free. Burn all pornographic materials in your possession and Give your life to Jesus now. Confess your sins and His Lordship over your life and He is faithful and just to forgive you. You are free indeed.

6. Peer Pressure
Joseph was a young promising teenager who grew up knowing from his parents that virginity was a great virtue to hold highly. Because of this belief, he made a promise to himself and to God never to have sex with any girl until he got married.

Joseph held on to this promise until he was 18 years old, when he gained admission into the university. In his first year in school, he came under pressure from his friends and close relations to engage in premarital sex.

They tried very hard to convince him that the only way he could be faithful to his wife in marriage was for him to have sex with as many women as he could during his single years. They said that the only way he could be popular in school especially among the girls was to be sexually active.


They even made a mockery of him and called him all sorts of names that were derogatory. Some boys even said that he was not man enough. At last, he gave in and began to engage in premarital sex.
After narrating his story, Joseph confessed that the cost of premarital sex was too costly.

He said that he continues to regret getting sexually involved with so many women as the emotional baggage was damaging. He also confessed to being infected with an incurable sexually transmitted disease.

Finally, he said that there were many other important things that could make a boy popular than engaging in premarital sex.

Teenagers and single adults must understand that people who pressure others into premarital sex regret losing their virginity and would do anything to get more people to lose their virginity.

Besides, engaging in premarital sex is not a proof of manhood but a character of someone who cannot delay gratification for the right time. Being controlled by a libido is simply an act of immaturity and irresponsibility.

Another factor that contributes to the increase in number of people engaging in premarital sex is pressure from a boyfriend or girlfriend to get sexually active with them. Many teens and single people engage in premarital sex because they are scared of the possibility of losing their partner if they do not give in.

The truth remains that anyone who loves you will respect your decision to wait for sex until marriage. So, do not be afraid, for your future is bright and secured in God.

7. Economic Hardship
The rate of premarital sex is higher among teens that come from poor homes. These teens engage in premarital sex either forcefully or willingly out of desperation to feed and even sponsor themselves through school.

Poverty robs young children of the right to live innocent lives without worrying about getting pregnant or contacting a sexually transmitted disease. One thing they fail to understand is that taking the risk of premarital sex could be far more damaging to their health and might even hamper their education.

In addition, some parents spend little or no time with their teenage children. This arises from the fact that they have to work all day in order to meet the needs of their children. Such parents when they return home are too tired to talk or listen to their kids.

To ensure that kids do not engage in premarital sex, parents must endeavor to make it a priority to spend quality time in educating their children about sex and premarital sex because; leaving sex education to the media and entertainment industry is one of the greatest mistake any parent or society can make.

8. Lack of Information
Failure on the part of parents and sex educators to instruct teens and single adults practically about the physical, spiritual, emotional, and psychological sides to sex have immensely contributed to the rampant involvement of teens in premarital sex.

The subjection of teens to the lies of the media about sex is unfair. This only points to the fact that the right people need to start playing their roles of educating teens about sex, as well as the danger it poses to them outside of marriage. The bible rightly explains it when it says,

“My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge…   Hosea 4:6 (New King James Version)

Truly, knowledge is powerful and anyone who lacks the right knowledge about a thing or situation is at risk of damaging it or being damaged by it. Telling singles that premarital sex is wrong is not enough because they are eager to know about sex, what God says about it, and the reasons they must save sex for marriage. They also want assurance that God offers them forgiveness if they have disobeyed His warnings against premarital sex.

Parents and sex educators must take on the responsibility to offer teens and single adults the right information about sex in order to save them from the ongoing pervasion in society and the infiltration of God’s commands on premarital sex.

9. Condoms and the Myth of Safe Sex
One reason teens and single adults feel at liberty to engage in premarital sex with whomever they want is because they are encouraged to believe that the use of condoms will prevent them from being pregnant or contacting sexually transmitted diseases.

More number of single people continues to engage in premarital sex even when medical practitioners continue to warn that the number of those infected with sexually transmitted diseases is on an alarming increase. In the midst of high rate of abortion and sexually transmitted diseases, some organizations and schools still clamor for safe sex.

The yearly celebration of the World AIDS day witness the massive distribution of condoms all over the world-all in a bid to reduce the number of people that could be infected with HIV/AIDS as well as other Sexually Transmitted Diseases like Human Papillomavirus.

The distribution of condoms is a major reason why teens, youths, and single people feel at liberty to engage in premarital sex.

Institutions and individuals that hand condoms to single people fail to tell them that condoms have not helped much in curbing new strings of Sexually Transmitted Diseases such as Human Papillomavirus.

It seems that the more money spent on condoms, the more increase in the number of HIV/AIDS and STDs cases. If the message of safe sex is not yielding result, it is time for government to turn her eyes elsewhere in search of solution perhaps the church.

One of the nations that clearly demonstrate this problem is Botswana. For over a decade Botswana relied upon wide spread availability of condoms in order to combat AIDS. A campaign for abstinence and faithfulness to one’s partner was considered a total joke.

Instead of promoting premarital sex abstinence and faithfulness to their marital partners, government spent so much money on posters, handbill, and billboards about “safe sex” while schoolchildren were forced to learn songs promoting condoms.

“The anti-AIDS partnership between the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and drug maker Merck budgeted $13.5million for condom promotion-25 times the amount dedicated to curbing dangerous sexual behavior. However, soaring rates of condom use have not brought down high HIV rates. Instead, they rose together, until both were among the highest in Africa.

However, there is a clear example of an Africa nation turning back the epidemic of AIDS by other means.

In the late 1980s, Uganda was viewed as the worst nation in the world in terms of HIV/AIDS infections. In 1991, 22 percent of people in the country were infected with HIV. By 1999, the number had dropped to 6 percent. Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni insists that their unique success among Africa countries per capita expenditure on developed countries, which emphasize use of condoms in their fight against the disease.

Instead of placing the primary emphasis on condoms, they emphasized abstinence and faithfulness first. As a result, they have experienced the greatest decline of HIV in the world. All that changed when foreign AIDS experts began to arrive in the country in the early 1990s. As condom use increased in Uganda, the percentage of young singles having sex rose from 27 percent to 33 percent between 1995 and 2000.

While condoms may reduce the risk of HIV transmission, they do not “protect” against AIDS. Those who promote “safe sex” never open up to young people about the damaging consequences of premarital sex. They fail to tell teens and single people that there is no such thing as safe sex. If young people know that condoms cannot prevent them from contracting an incurable STD such as Human Papillomavirus, they will make a choice to save sex for marriage.

Past and present medical researches carried out continue to show that there is no such thing as ‘safe’ sex but ‘safer’ sex.

“Safe sex” is a myth. Premarital sex abstinence pays you but you pay for the trouble of engaging in premarital sex.

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