Sunday, 15 October 2017


You know how it is, when we make a mistake in life and we blame other people for it. If you ask a poor man why he was poor, he will most likely say that, the reason is that his father did not live an inheritance for him, because he did not go to school, or the witches in his village have gathered to frustrate his life. Does this sound familiar?
No doubt, playing the blame game is the easiest path to absorbing oneself of mistakes. If you told yourself the truth, then you will realise that you cannot hide from your mistake. Taking responsibility for it and making up your mind to correct or never repeat it again is a sure way to happiness.
Like everyone else, things happen to people. These happenings most times relate to our choices and attitudes towards life. The choices you make daily and your attitude towards life determines your result in life. Your success or failure is dependent on these two factors-choices and attitudes.
I understand, life happened to you but it is time for you to begin to happen to life. You cannot watch your life spiral out of control without doing anything. Take control of your life. You have the power to change your life financially, relationally, academically, maritally, and other wise.
Begin to make wise choices and develop positive attitude that will transform your life forever. It is an illusion to think that you can do nothing about the circumstances in your life. You have the power to change whatever you see that you do not like. Make wise financial choices such as savings and investments. Study hard to excel in your academics. Read books and listen to tapes that will empower you to transform your relationship and marriage.
Rather than blame people for the misfortune in your life, take intentional steps to change your life. Success lies within you. Begin to happen to life.

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