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Last week article talked about the number 1 reason why a man will not marry a woman, even when he claims to be in love with her. Today, we will look at one or more other reasons amongst the TEN REASONS WHY HE WON’T MARRY YOU”.

#2 He Does not Love You

There are so many different reasons a man may decide to enter into a relationship with you. Love is a beautiful feeling experience even though many confuse lust with love. So many women assume that any man who is in a relationship with them must be in love with them. Some others think that any man who buys expensive gifts for them loves them. However, a man is not much of a relational and emotional being as much as the woman is. He can spend on you and still not love you. A man can profess love to you even though he feels nothing for you for the following reasons:
1.      He wants to have sex with you
2.      He wants your money
3.      He wants to use you as a ladder to reaching his dream
4.      He needs someone to do his house chores
I am not saying you cannot find a man who truly loves you; I am saying is that you must be able to discern between the man who truly loves you and the one who is just using you for his selfish gain. How do you know that a man loves you? Do you have tangible proofs, because love is not just a feeling?

Proof that He Loves You

1.He tells you he loves you and he tells his friends and family about you. Any man who is not proud of letting other people know about his love for you have something under the skin. Either he already introduces someone else to them or he does not plan to have a lasting relationship with you.
2.He appreciates and praises you for the little things you do for him. He does not see your help for as a right, but a privilege.
3.He does respect all women. A man who feels bitter or indifferent about women will in no wise treat you better. Some men believe that the woman is of no good, may be because their father treated their mum that way, or because they read stuffs that was aimed at demeaning the woman.
4.He cares about you, and will show it. He calls and text often to check up on you. When you are in a relationship with a man and you are the one always making efforts to call or text him, then his love for you is unquestionable.
5.He should be able to defend you and your relationship, regardless of who tries to come between you.
6.He makes sacrifices for you. He cares for you more than he cares for himself. If you both had a need, he will ensure that your need is met before his.
7.He is more interested in spending quality time talking with you, rather than trying to get into your pants
8.He respects your opinion and so will allow you to freely speak your mind even though he disagrees with you. You disagree to agree.
9.He sees you as his best friend and is always eager to talk to and spend great amount of time with you.
10. He will listen to your needs and help you meet them if it is in his power
11. He tells you the truth in love, no matter how angry he thinks you might feel.
12. He trust and forgives you
13. He smiles at you and commits to taking the relationship further.

Here are a few vital proofs that your man truly loves you. If he does not love you, he will not marry you except he has a skeleton in the cupboard. How does your man make you feel? Do you think your man truly loves you? Talk to me.

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