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Welcome to the month of November. I believe that the past 10 months has been a productive one for you. If not, I pray that what you will achieve this month will be 10 times more than all that you achieved between January and October, 2017 in Jesus name.
In the past two weeks, we have been looking at TEN REASONS WHY HE WON’T MARRY YOU. I hope that your life have been transformed thus far. I will attempt to conclude this series today and I know you will not remain the same.
In the past weeks,
we looked at ACTING AS HIS WIFE AND THE FACT THAT HE DOES NOT LOVE as two strong reasons why he won’t marry you. Today, we will look at a number of REASONS WHY HE WON’T MARRY YOU.

#3 He loves you but does not want to commit to you

Most men have the fear of commitment. They will claim to love you but refuse to commit. This type of man will compel you to move into his wife with him, have sex with him and have you do all the things a wife does to make a man comfortable, but still he will not commit. This type of man can be in a relationship with you for 10 years but never mention marriage.
I sometimes do not understand why women ignore or fail to understand when a man is just taking them for a ride. Why they simply cannot walk away is beyond comprehension. Committing to a man who does not want to commit to you is one of the greatest mistakes you will ever make. Choosing to stay that long with a man who is not ready to commit to you in marriage; is a waste of time, resources, and energy that, you could have put into a more profitable relationship.
Do not be afraid to walk away if he does not picture you in his future. There is someone else out there who could be dying to spend his entire life with you. Take steps now before it is too late.  Never commit to a man beyond his commitment to you and the relationship.

#4 Your Character Stinks

Leadership Expert John Maxwell said that, “Talent will take you to the top but character will keep you there”. Your beauty and charisma will attract that man to you. However, your character will keep him to you or drive him away. Nothing matters to a man like respect. Therefore, you will be digging your grave if you think you can treat your man nonchalantly just because you have more money than he does, or because you are pretty.
What is beauty without a character than stinks? Learn to be polite, respectful, and humble. Do not treat the people you meet like thrash. Treating your man well and treating his friends and family like thrash makes him confuse about your identity.

#5 You are Trying to Change Him
You should never enter a relationship trying to change a man. You are neither his father nor his mother. If you cannot put up with his person or character, then you should humbly walk away.

#6 You Sound and Act too Desperate
A man can smell a woman’s desperation to marry him like. Do not treat him as though he were the “all powerful one” in the relationship while you play “Miss helpless”. Real men love forward thinking women. They run away from women who cling to them like a helpless being. Every man needs some space and he needs to know that you do not expect him to always be your saviour. You can sometimes help yourself. Real men run away from over-dependent and independent women. Therefore, you must create the balance called “interdependence”, where you can sometimes depend on you both.


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