Sunday, 31 December 2017


It is the last day in the year 2017 and many people feel depressed, disgrunted, and angry. While a few are celebrating success, many others feel like under

No matter what your case might be, you should be grateful to God for life, protection, preservation, and protection. You are still breathing because God is not through with you. Be grateful and thankful.

Beyond being thankful, Think! Most times we need to change certain things ( be it habit, character, friends, or way of doing things) in our lives in order to experience change. 

You will only experience the manifestation of the blessing of God in your life to the degree that you are ready to receive and manage it. 

Think about it, what are the things you need to change in 2018 to begin to see results? What are the things you need to continue doing until you see the expected result? What habits do you need to discard and which habits do you need to develop? 

Do you need to go back to school? Do you need to acquire more or a new skill? Do you need to pray, fast, or study God's word more? Do you need to develop a consistent savings culture? Do you need to stop living recklessly? Do you need to invest more time and resources into making your relationship or marriage work better? Do you need to invest more time into your academic work? 

What is that one thing stopping you from reaching higher heights? Change produces change. 

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