Sunday, 10 December 2017


John was well respected in the service industry. Few months ago, a firm in need of his company's services paid money for a task to be completed on their behalf. Johns company had a reputation of excellent service delivery.

John called for a meeting and instructed his staff to make sure that the task was excellent from start to finish and on time too.
The first challenge arose when John's company could not meet the deadline for delivery. The firm that offered them the contract was not happy.

However, John and his company were given more time to deliver in the job. When John delivered the work, the Manager told him that the work delivered did not meet quality standard, and so it will not be accepted.

John returned to his office angry that the work was rejected. He really did not look to see what the manager was saying. He felt that the manager was just trying to punish him for late delivery of the job.

This situation was strange to John because, no one had ever complained about that his company delivered a bad service. Ignoring the manager, he instructed the staff to carry out the task afresh.

The work was delivered to the firm by a staff at Johns company. When the manager received the work, he was obviously angry. The delivery staff said, Is anything the problem sir? With anger in the managers voice, he said, Go, and tell your boss we will not accept this job because it is RUBBISH work. Tell him he has one more chance to complete or return our money.

When the staff got back to the office and delivered the message to John, he was very angry that someone would call work from his company RUBBISH. He was furious. While thinking of what next to do, it occurred to him that the manager at the other firm could be making a point.

Therefore, John snapped out of his anger and looked keenly at the products. To his shock, he saw that what the manager said was true. He called his staff into his office and screamed, What kind of RUBBISH work is this?

They stood there looking at him like robots. Then, he told them that the company would deduct from their monthly salary and they would ensure that they complete the work in an excellent manner for the last time.

As the staff left his office, he had more time to think. He felt bad for berating the manager at the other firm instead of looking into his complaint. It would have saved him, time, money, and his reputation. He was grateful to God that he finally decided to look at the products, instead of staying angry.

Dear friends, there are two sides to criticisms. You must choose the part you want to see. Sometimes, you or your products could be rightly criticised. Do you get angry and bitter, or do you choose to do things differently to produce and excellent work. When people pay for your goods or services, they have a right to demand for quality and excellence.

You should be glad for people who give you feedback. Some people will walk away after a bad service and never return or recommend anyone.

As you go about your business and assignment, be the best. Produce the best, nor rubbish. Do not put money first. Place the value you want add to the lives of people above money. Adding value is the greatest keys to making more money. Do not cut corners.

It is better to produce an
EXCELLENT job, make little profit, than produce RUBBISH work, and make all the money at the expense of your reputation.

Be the best in all you do. Package yourself and product well. Remember, money comes from within you.

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