Monday, 19 February 2018


1.They do not know God frowns at it because you have not told them so.

2. They are looking for love because they believe you do not love them

3. They
think that love is sex and sex is love

4. They do not know that their body is wired for sex. So, they think that the sexual urge is abnormal, ungodly, and uncontrollable

5. Peer pressure from bad friends

6. Because they are looking for what will heal the pain they feel as a result of your divorce or separation.

7. Poverty and Economic hardship

8. Condoms and the myth of safe sex

9. Exposure to indecent and pornographic media and materials.

10. Lack of right information

11. They are looking for attention

12. They do not know who they are in Christ. They do not know their worth, may be because you have not told them as a parent.

13. Because, it is the devil's ploy to possess and take hold of this generation of young people, by compelling them to engage in sexual activities outside the conforms of marriage.

This is why you must pray for your kids daily, and speak to them about the truth of God's word on this topic. Show them True love and listen to them. Play your role in their life. Take responsibility for your kids. May God help us

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