Tuesday, 27 February 2018


More and more children are growing up in single-parent homes. Many more cater for themselves at a very young age while living with their parents. That was not God’s original plan when he instituted marriage. God had a plan that involved a man and a woman coming together as husband and wife to start and build a family that will outlive them. His plan for multiplication was that children are born within the confines of a family after they have
fulfilled all marriage rites.
Despite God’s plans, nature does not regard who brings a child into this world. The qualification for getting pregnant or having a baby is very low. In fact, age seems to be the only qualification nature has provided. A 10 or 12 year old who starts experiencing her menstrual cycle can conceive and deliver a child. Every day children are born by and for people who have no plan to be a father or mother. Many people who thought that they were ready to have kids have abandoned their fatherly or motherly responsibilities.

I believe that the disorder in the family has led to so much chaos in the society because; the family is the bedrock of every society. It is members or individuals of a family that become citizens of any nation. I strongly believe that the struggle to create a difference in society starts with building a strong family. Strong families are built-they do not just happen. Strong families come to be when the husband and wife play their respective roles in raising children who are morally upright, mentally sound, productive, and god-fearing. 

People who are not ready to bear the responsibility of raising kids have no business having sex, getting married or bearing children. It is heart breaking to meet children who live with their parents barely survive. It is wrong and very unacceptable for kids to cater for their own needs. That is why we must begin to take drastic measures towards rebuilding the family.

Steps to Building and Rebuilding the Family

1.   Singles people must avoid premarital sex in order to prevent pregnancy and childbirth outside marriage. Forget condoms and just follow God’s principles. What is the point of having sex as a single if you d not plan to get married?
2.   Single people must marry right by prayerfully and patiently deciding whom to marry.
3.   Husband and wife must accommodate one another in prayer for each other, and seek the best   of other.
4.   Parents must assume their responsibility as a father and mother. the father  role in a home  cannot  under estimated .the father ‘s the father  even with say  much words, brings  stability  and order  to home . God created  him to be  the  authority (not  dictator or  authoritarian) in the home  and he is the  symbol of  authority  and security in the  home. 
    If the father is absent, this role is neglected and children suffer for it. It is in the  home  and  as  a child  that  children learn submission and  respect since  men  have  vacated  or neglected their  place  more and more  children  are growing  up as  master  of  own . They find it difficult or abnormal to submit to authority or show respect to who it is due. 


    Many children become  the breadwinner of their  home  before the age  of 10 due to  the loss of a father or an absentee dad. Many refused to take responsibility for the children  they  brought  into  this  world, because they  did not  marry  their  mother .

This in turn has produced many hungry and angry children, who are ready to cause chaos in society.
The solution to finding the family lies in father and mother assuming their responsibilities in the home. 
We will look at these responsibilities in the next post. Stay blessed

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