Tuesday, 8 May 2018


Sex is not a blush-topic. Sex is not a bad word. Instead, sex is a description of a particular gift of nature to all of humanity. Our sexuality is good and sex was intended for procreation even as gives pleasure.

As I spoke to scores of teens and some young adults about the issue of sex in the course of writing this book, they listened attentively and were anxious to find out the very truth about sex. A particular phrase I used made them stare at me as if I had said something abominable. What phrase made them stare? I said “Sex is beautiful.” I repeated it over and over again.
Our youths are lost, confused and overwhelmed by the topic of sex because the people who ought to tell them the very truth about sex have left it to people who either have no idea or the wrong idea of what sex really is. For so long, we have tried to address sex from the negative aspect of its abuse. Authors, sex educators, religious bodies and social institutions have failed to declare the true concept of sex, but rather have contented themselves with the denunciation against the abuses of sex. Negativism never helps very much. There is a place for it, but nothing much is accomplished until a positive declaration has been made and this is what I intend to do on this subject of sex.

The Beauty of Sex
Sex is beautiful and this chapter will help you understand the essence and the beauty of sex. Sex was instituted by God. It wasn’t instituted by play boy magazines, it wasn’t instituted by romantic magazines, and neither was it instituted by holly wood celebrities. Sex is explained excellently in Dr. William Coles’ book, Sex and Love:
“Sex is good, it is the creation of God and all men are expected to enjoy it. No punishment or squeamishness is appropriate. Sex is not an occasion for shame or embarrassment. All members of a family must learn to use their sex drives responsibly, but they can only do so by facing the facts openly, not by hiding behind blinders, pretending that life is asexual, that such matters are never discussed in polite society.”¹
            One thing people who feel embarrassed to talk about sex in public should know is that, it is not the open treatment of sex in our society that is wrong; it is the context of that treatment. Nothing is to be gained if the right people don’t talk about sex to single youths and adults. The youths of this generation are so obsessed with sex but the only solution to this problem is not to be ignorant. A discussion of sex in its proper context will help better our society.
            My generation-this generation requires a frank and open confrontation on the facts of sexuality in human life. Someone said “Sex is sacred, as all human existence is sacred. It cannot be used selfishly or irresponsibly without serious damage to the very structure of one’s being, to the whole network of one’s interpersonal relationships.”


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